Olá 👋 We are Komuhn - a collaborative design team.

*If you're looking for our old website you can find it here: https://komuhn.co/old/

designing a website


A website that is done behind closed doors and then revealed all ready and “finished” goes in the opposite direction of everything we propose in our ways of working. This static product expires as soon as it’s done because we are not showing how it got done. All the things we explored and learned, all the tests and prototypes, all the things that got tossed or are in the list of things we would like to still do, all the feedback we didn’t get. Because it’s a case-closed instead of an open book.

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I’m a WIP


Don’t most humans struggle, every day, with the temptation of keeping going, pushing onwards, brushing off things lightly, for a person shall be strong, never shaken, unbothered?

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Committing to


Are you eager to share with others what you do or what you have been learning and to have meaningful conversations but feel let down and overstimulated by the fast-consumption communication we all scroll through on social media? 

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it’s OK…to care


We have distanced ourselves from other human beings. We’ve distanced ourselves from Caring. We’re not always ok, and that is OK, too. I have an urge to emphasise the need and importance of care in places where it’s not usually expected or welcomed (for instance in the work teams, on the street, in any situation […]

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Design is a
living experiment


We all have different ways to get through living. There’s no right or wrong in most of them, and whether we agree or not with some of them at first sight, there’s no way of skipping experience and acknowledging we have a role in it. As a team it all comes to syncing both our goals and our ways. It isn’t an easy task, needs a lot of jumping through a lot of hoops, so we better experiment as much as we can, making sure we’re grooving it.

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I hate writing! 


Those who know me, know I hate having to write anything. For those who don’t, I’ll tell you. I hate writing. I HATE IT!

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At Komuhn we asked ourselves what this would look like. We put ourselves on a path to understand and allow change, complexity, difference, nuance, polarity. We did it because we think that if we want to do better we can’t stop growing. We have to be able and willing to always be curious and kind and optimistic. And this brings change and lots of it. We have outgrown ourselves. 

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Make “Read more” button more visible

  • Some people missed the small “Read more” link in the posts preview in the home page and didn’t know there was more to read.
  • Added a border, some more spacing around it so it looks like a button.

Change discussion configuration

  • Enable threaded (nested) comments 3 levels deep: Comment > Reply
  • Change order of comments to show newer comments at the top.

Bye bye bots.

  • Add a script to secure our email address from email-harvesting bots.
  • Add a “I’m not a robot” reCaptcha v2 checkbox to the forms. Don’t forget to tick it off when submitting your comment 🙂
  • Configure a more generic spam protection plugin.

☝️ Facing out

  • Add author’s pretty round faces and names to posts and logs.
  • If you don’t want to show your face, or didn’t have time to edit it yet, don’t worry, there’s a ok-avatar.png ready for you.
  • Add a last edit function to posts, a note to update when the post was edited and by whom.

Formating. Formating. Formating.

  • Create styles for text formatting in single post view: headers, lists, TL;DR, blockquote.
  • Add a summary section after the title in the post view so there’s a feeling of continuation from the home page.

Website intro

  • Change the intro section of the website
  • Add a temp tagline “- a collaborative design team” (we will start a thread about this one day).
  • Add the functionality to have a featured (“sticky” in WordPress lingo) post on the top of the home page. Here will live the thread about this website’s process.

Bring in WordPress

  • Add queries to load the content that we add via WordPress‘ CMS instead of hard-coding it on the page.
  • Make a header.php template so we don’t need to be copying that code to every new page.
  • Add a more readable date format to posts: Month dd, yyyy.

A page for posts

  • Create a page template to publish posts. See page here: Outgrowing.

Make it easier to read

  • Make initial CSS styles for readability